Learn what your devices are costing you using the Power Meter

To get an idea of what’s currently using electricity (and how much it’s costing you), take a walk around your home and investigate.

1. Wait til it's quiet

Wait until your Power Meter is relatively flat.

2. ON

Turn a device on


3. Watch the Power Meter

Watch the wattage change in the Power Meter and record the difference. That’s how much energy that device was using.


4. Off

Turn the device off. Redo steps 2 and 3 a couple of times to get a more accurate average.


5. Calculate Cost

If the 120W device we found above runs for 6 hours a day, that’d cost us over $31 a year. Play around with the calculator below to figure out what your devices might be costing you.

(using the national average rate of $0.12/kWh)

A device with watts of Always On

Costs $354 per year

Keep in mind that some devices need time to fully “turn on,” like computers. Other devices have varying levels of energy consumption based on how they’re being used, like HVAC systems and dishwashers.